Wednesday, April 6, 2016

*RELEASE DAY* OTJT: Orientation

On-the-Job Training was never sexy...until now.

Did you ever read a steamy, kinky, BDSM novel and think to yourself, "Yeah, but who has a St. Andrew's cross in their house. How the hell would I explain that when mom comes to visit?" or "How do they drop to their knees like that? It makes mine hurt just reading about it!" It's easy to tell yourself it's fiction and no one in the real world does that stuff anyway.

But what if you least in a way that meshes with your everyday life? Wouldn't you want to give it a shot? Maybe you can't have (or more importantly, don't want) a whipping post in your bedroom. It doesn't mean you can't have a soft flogger in the nightstand. Those scarves you used to wear make great blindfolds. The best restraint can be the simple order "Don't move." Domination and submission live and breathe in our minds and bodies. The toys are just gravy.

So if you think you're not young enough, rich enough, or thin enough to have a hot D/s romance, here's a tale for you. On-the-Job Training: Orientation is the story of John, an architect, and Laura, his personal assistant. They're ordinary people who work for a living while creating a D/s relationship that fits into their normal lives. For them, Monday mornings are every bit as good as Friday afternoons.

Excerpt: John and Laura take their show on the road

“How do you feel about nudity, Laura?”
Again I saw her blink rapidly a few times. “I think the human body is beautiful, Sir, but there’s a time and place for everything.”
“As your Dom, I’ll determine when and where that is, right?”
She gulped audibly. “Yes, Sir.” Her chest started to heave slightly with every breath. Perfect
“I’d like to see your breasts, Laura. Now.”
She sat still for a moment, glanced out the window to confirm there were no vehicles near us. She untied the bow at her waist and undid a few hooks. She pulled the bodice of the dress open and exposed a delicate, lacy bra. Her full breasts were spilling over the cups a little, and the sight made me harder. All that creamy pale skin bared to me
“Beautiful. Thank you. Now unhook your bra. I know it opens in the front.” When I had my hands on her back earlier, I hadn’t felt any hooks or clasps under my fingers.
She tried to scooch down in her seat before releasing the clasp. Pulling the cups to the side, she gave me my first look at her breasts in all their glory. Fuck, they were gorgeous! They weren’t the perky B-cups of a sixteen year old, but I found them perfect. They were the breasts of a woman, not a girl. Her nipples were pink, and they pebbled visibly in the warm breeze coming through the window. I wanted to touch them, suck them, tug on them with my lips. Maybe doing this while driving wasn’t such a great idea after all.
“John, err…Sir,” she warned, nodding her head toward the road ahead. We were rapidly approaching a convoy of tractor trailers.
“Recline your seat and lie back with your eyes closed.” She obeyed. The woman was full of surprises. “You’re going to feel me touch you.”
I reached across the console and cupped her breast, my thumb brushing back and forth across her nipple. I loved it when she squirmed in her seat. As we began passing the trucks, I rolled and inched it between my thumb and forefinger.
“The truckers are breaking their necks to look at you, baby. Every one of them wishes he were me. They’ll think of this tonight when they jack off or fuck their wives—the sexy woman with the perfect tits they saw on I-95.”

On-the-Job Training is being released serial-style in four books, publishing about 8 weeks apart. Orientation, the first episode goes live on Amazon on April 7. Come celebrate with me and a slew of talented authors  at Damn, That's Hot Erotica 5. Message me for an invite!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

OTJT: Orientation, a new serial romance

Blog, what blog/  OMG, I do have a blog!

It has been a crazy few weeks and I've been writing like a madwoman, just not blog posts. I had this crazy idea about writing a contemporary, realistic BDSM romance and releasing it in serial form. Not series, serial. Four episodes, about 35K words each, and published every other month. Nuts, right?

I wasn't sure I could produce that quickly.Honestly, publishing one a month would be better, but I was positive that was out of the question. I know my poor eyes couldn't handle it. I wasn't altogether sure I could do every two months, but I figured seeing how long it would take me to write the first episode would give me an idea of whether it was feasible to even attempt.  Using the incentive of posting my daily word count on my FB author page and the tried and true technique of writing sprints with my friend, B.B. Blaque, I was able to complete On-the-Job Training: Orientation in four weeks. It CAN be done.

OTJT 1 is in the hands of four beta readers, and so far the feedback is better than I expected. Being in serial form means cliffhanger endings, and readers tend to get a little crabby when there's no HEA or HFN, but knowing the next installment will be along fairly quickly seems to soften the blow.

As I've been figuring out where in the story each episode will end, I have heard Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes from Misery chastising me to be true with my cliff hangers. "He didn't get out of the cockadodie car!" Ok, Annie, I won't cheat with the endings, I promise. You can put the ax down now.

On-the-Job Training is about a mature--40ish--couple, John Mackenzie and Laura Benson. He's an architect opening a private office in the guest cottage at his home. She's the personal assistant he hires. Their attraction to one another is instantaneous, but of course they fight it for a while. Both of them are smart enough to know workplace romances are risky. Thankfully, the eventually succumb and explore a gentle BDSM relationship.

The theme of this story is couples can--and should--feel free to choose what works for them in the bedroom (or office!!) when it comes to domination and submission. Some lifestylers will call this role playing, but come on, what's wrong with that?

On-the-Job Training: Orientation - April 7 on Amazon

Friday, February 12, 2016


Xander's Garden is LIVE!

See it on Amazon here

In the year 2115 on the remote off-Earth colony Terra VI, Janis Kepple learns she is terminally ill. She begs her childhood sweetheart, Xander Pax, to hide her only child from her husband –Violet’s stepfather. Janis can’t deny his once fatherly attitude has changed to something dark and lustful. Knowing she has little time left, she hopes the brothel, Xander’s Garden, is the last place anyone would look for her innocent daughter. With memories of his love for Janis lingering, Xander agrees, although he wants nothing more than to sell the sex shoppe and return to his beloved Terra III. 

Shy Violet, whose secret ambition is to attend University on the Terra IV colony, finds herself among strangers in a world that revolves around the business of sex. She’s surprised by the care and support she’s shown and begins blossoming into a confident young woman. Befriended—and seduced—by Daisy, a free spirit running from her public identity, and Chrys, a handsome young sex provider, her horizons are soon broadened…within limits.

Xander and Violet can both realize their long-held dreams if she offers herself up in the Virgin Auction, but tempting new choices have appeared. Surrounded by love in Xander’s Garden, who would ever want to leave?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

*LIVE* The Masters M.C. Property Of *LIVE*

FINALLY! You can read The Masters M.C.: Property Of and understand what I've been yapping about for weeks.  I give this book 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

Click here to see on Amazon


My review:

Bikers and BDSM—a match made in heaven. No better backdrop for hunky alpha males and surprisingly strong submissives. Our heroine, Tuesday Grace is charmingly Cajun, willful, and often her own worst enemy. When Colt runs into her—almost literally—her horrendous luck with men takes a decided turn for the better. 

B.B. Blaque takes us on a wild ride as she introduces us to the world of the Masters M.C.  although the storyline switches between the past and present day, the reader has no difficulty following the action. And there is plenty of action, both violent and sexual. This is no sweet, flowery romance, although the sex scenes are passionately lyrical, imaginative, and will get your motor running.

The dialogue is strong  and gives the reader a real feel for the personalities of the characters, like this exchange between Tuesday and Colt:

“Why do you feel the great need to pic me up and carry me everywhere? I’m a grown-assed woman and think I’m capable of walkin’ on my own.”

“Ya know—I’ve learned a thing or two about you over the last month. “I can read the distance in your eyes before your boots even get the message to leave. If you decide to go, it’ll be after we talk.”

There’s a fair amount of violence in this book; it is an MC story after all. But it’s more than balanced out with loyalty, unity, friendship, and loving support. There’s a saying that you can choose your friends but not your family. Tuesday and  Colt prove not only can you build your own family, the one you create might be better able to give you what you need that the one you were born into. 


B.B. Blaque  has lived as a submissive for many years, so when She writes about the BDSM lifestyle, it comes from first-hand knowledge of the subject matter. She has also been involved in some way with bikers and motorcycle clubs since she was a teenager. What she writes doesn’t come from research it comes from living the lifestyles and writing what she knows.

She writes beautifully flawed characters who ultimately find perfection is not a prerequisite. She believes our flaws are what make us unique and some flaws complement each other better than others.