Saturday, January 30, 2016

**COVER REVEAL** Xander's Garden!

I could not be more excited to reveal the cover for Xander’s Garden, designed by the fabulous Julie Nicholls. Xander’s Garden is available for pre-order on Amazon now!

In the year 2115 on the remote off-Earth colony Terra VI, Janis Kepple learns she is terminally ill. She begs her childhood sweetheart, Xander Pax, to hide her only child from her husband –Violet’s step-father. Janis can’t deny his once fatherly attitude has changed to something dark and lustful. Knowing she has little time left, she hopes the brothel, Xander’s Garden, is the last place anyone would look for her innocent daughter. With memories of his love for Janis lingering, Xander agrees, although he wants nothing more than to sell the sex shoppe and return to his beloved Terra III. 

Shy Betta wants only to attend University on the Terra IV colony. When Xander offers her sanctuary, she becomes known as Violet and finds herself among strangers in a world that revolves around the business of sex. She’s surprised by the care and support she’s shown and begins blossoming into a confident young woman. Befriended—and seduced—by Daisy, a free spirit running from her public identity, and Chrys, a handsome young sex provider, her horizons are soon broadened…within limits.

Xander and Violet can both realize their long-held dreams if she offers herself up in the Virgin Auction, but tempting new choices have appeared. Surrounded by love in Xander’s Garden, who would ever want to leave?

 Looking for a cover/graphic designer? 

Julie Nicholls

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Unsociable media

A lot of my author friends have multiple Facebook pages, a website, a blog, a newsletter, a Twitter account, a Pinterest presence, and God knows what all else. When in the hell do tey have time to write? I know some who post the same message on all the outlets in an effort to be efficient, and that works for them but feels impersonal to me. I know, it's advertising and everybody's doing it.

I was told repeatedly last year by well-meaning folks that I needed to have an author page on FB. I finally caved and created one, but I still struggle to see the use of it. Its followers are mostly people who are already friends on my "regular" (like anything about me isn't irregular) Jordan page. I hate posting the same messages on both. I have a thing about "redumbdancy", you know. I try to switch it up as much as possible, which is time consuming, and I'm talking about only TWO pages.

I may not be cut out to have a big internet presence for another reason. I like FB better than Twitter because I prefer a two-way conversation to a monologue. Tweeting feels like shouting into the Grand Canyon to me. Maybe somebody hears me, maybe they don't. Either way, I rarely hear back. They don't call, they never write.   And don't talk to me about Instagram--*sticking my fingers in my ears* la-la-la-la.

The greatest thing about my adventures in writing is the wonderful people I've met. I've connected with folks I am truly sorry I will probably never lay eyes on, but being able to chat with them on FB is the next best thing. I try to read all the posts on my newsfeed every day, but FB doesn't make it easy. I liked it much better when the order posts displayed in was more chronological and not popularity-based. I knew when I hit yesterday's posts I had seen them all. Now I can't tell, and I know I'm missing communicating with folks I like. Grrr.

I see authors who treat FB like their own personal billboard. They post about their books or their accomplishments (nothing wrong with that!), but you NEVER see them comment on anyone else's posts. WTH? It's okay if I'm too boring to merit a response, but we have a shit ton of mutual friends and I find it hard to believe we're all that uninteresting. Everyone has a story, and I find them endlessly fascinating. That's why strange people used to tell me their life stories on the bus

I have never heard anyone say they bought a book because of a tweet or a
single random FB post. It takes more than that, especially considering all the free options readers have. Unless you're already at the top of the lists, it's about relationship building. It's not like it's a burdensome task. Yes, you're going to run across the occasional hacker or troll, but they're easy to spot if you pay attention. All the real people I've met have added to my daily life in innumerable ways. Some of them even end up in my writing. And no, I'm not telling you who.


It's getting closer! The cover is done and it is GORGEOUS! I'm not doing a reveal until the 30th and it's killing me to sit on it until then. I'm thinking about a release date near Valentine's Day weekend. Specifics later.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

**COVER REVEAL** Masters MC (1) Property Of by B.B. Blaque

I am SO EXCITED to present this cover reveal. Not only does B.B. Blaque design a beautiful, intriguing story--she back it up with an equally impressive novel, first in the Masters MC series.

Running is what Tuesday Grace Billeaux knows best. Leaving her mama's socialite dreams for her behind in a heap of taffeta on the floor, she meets a man...the wrong man.

Escaping Oleander, Tuesday runs right into the path of another man--Colt--President of the Masters MC and Dom. Wary of him at first, she proves to be a handful but Colt's up to the task.


Monday, January 4, 2016

**RELEASE DAY** Blood Ties by Julie Nicholls

 I'm happy to host this release day promotion for Blood Ties by Julie Nicholls. I was fortunate to proofread this book for Julie, and I loved it! See my review on Amazon for more.

Hey peeps!

Today is the official release day for Blood Ties! In case you need another sneaky peek to whet your appetite, here's a little more from the book.

This is a paranormal, shifter, werewolf, romance, and it's currently available 

I've spent some time making the paperback quite special, and if you're a collector of 'real' books, I hope you'll consider adding Blood Ties to your collection.
The first letter of each chapter has a wolf motif, which I've created in Photoshop and Adobe illustrator.I hope you like the design and for the readers who like to hold a book, this is a perfect gift.

The paperback is available from Createspace :

Or you can purchase via Amazon:

The morning looked promising. Keagen was on the road, traveling to a small town he’d never heard of. Filled with elation, thoughts of catching his prey made him smile. There was no need to rush. Despite his need to snag the escapee, he took a leisurely drive. Intel he received advised of a stranger who'd set up house in Dewburn Falls, and was deemed a ‘badass.’
Keagen smirked. There’s a new player coming to town. Move over badass.

Relaxing into the soft leather seat of the BMW 328i, one of Keagen’s favorite rides, he took in the scenery and thought about his plan of action. Meticulously organized, he always had a fallback plan. He wasn’t at home being Mr. Cock-up, and hated if someone fucked up, which wasn’t too often as he mostly worked alone. Forced to team up on one occasion, it didn’t go well, resulting in a few deaths. Kicking off, Keagen said it was either his way, or he was retiring, which was funny considering they owned him; despite his reluctance to admit it. While he was comfortable, he’d put up with their shit and continued along his merry way. Doing their dirty work. With access to fast cars, the best weaponry, some not even on the market officially, and recreation time to fuck, life was good. He wanted it to continue.

His mind took him back to when it wasn’t so pleasurable, and his hands tightened around the steering wheel as he growled. While he didn’t have many memories remaining, he knew it wasn’t good. Faded scars on his body were the only reminders of his childhood, since Solgen wiped his memory. It was the standard protocol to start with a clean mind, and easier. Still perfecting the procedure, the scientists had made a few errors, but Keagen was their most successful guinea pig. Receiving top marks in all the tests, he confirmed loyalty to the company and, therefore, was allowed to leave the compound. At first, he was under supervision, but that had soon changed. After excelling in each mission within a few months, his reputation soared. Managing a hundred percent retrieval rate, with a required eighty percent coming in alive, he was the top dog. The twenty percent died because they resisted capture and return back to the labs. Keagen was strong. At the start of his hunting career, he didn’t know his own strength. Rarely bringing home a dead one these days, he’d learned to master his body and the enhancements.

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