Monday, March 30, 2015

Self-promotion is like self-abuse, gotta be the right time and place

Traditionally published authors at an online writing community I belong to say self-published authors must be really brave to tackle book promotion on their own.  After a few months of research and experience, my jury is still out on whether or not it is worthwhile to spend a huge amount of time on it.
I started with several lists of potential websites and blogs obtained from online searches and how-to books.  The first task was to weed through them to determine which accepted erotica (MANY do not), which were free and which were paid, which promoted shorter works, and which actually still existed.  I made it through a list of 100 and have more to go, but here are a few good ones.

  • 7 Billion eBooks,, no  guaranteed placement for free ads
  •  Best eBook Deals,, free books must have 10 reviews averaging 4 stars
  • Booksends,, must be novel length and have 5 reviews
  • Book Deal Hunter,, promotes free books but allow for plenty ofadvance notice, must subscribe to their newsletter
  • Book Praiser,,  promotes free and temporarily discounted books
  • eBook Spice,, promotes free books for free, paid options available for other
  • Erotica Book Club,, promotes books over 100 pages only unless free
  • The Naughty List,, promotes on Facebook for free, other aid promotion options available, simple submission form
  • Reddit - create an account, there are multiple threads you an post to, eroticwriting is an example.
Special shout out to One of the few sites I've submitted to for their free service and received a confirmation email.  Nice!

There are a ton more where you can submit you free books, but honestly, how much promotion does free erotica need?  Don't most readers just type "free erotica" into the search bar?

It's hard to tell how effective any of these promotional postings are.  I belong to multiple Facebook groups that are now primarily post after post of writers promoting their books.  If there are any readers present, they are not commenting.   They are probably running for the hills like the relatives of an new Amway rep

Next post:  Misery loves company: supporting your fellow authors.

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