Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My faves of '15

It's a wonder I ever get any writing one considering I read 123 books this year! BUT, I am inspired by other writers, I learn from their successes and failures, and I love the escape their books give me from my own ever-clamoring characters.

As I scroll down the list of titles purchased this year, I am embarrassed to admit I have very little recall of some of them.  Probably nothing wrong with them, they simply were not memorable. I'm the same way with movies; I remember I enjoyed The Bourne Identity, but I can't tell you a damn thing about it.

Many surveys show that readers choose books based on word of mouth, so here's me mouthing off and giving you my top ten fav books of those I read in 2015 (in no particular order). So take a tip from your Auntie Jordan and fill up your Kindle with some quality reading. Enjoy! material and enjoy!

Product DetailsThe Queen Gene by Jennifer Coburn
This book made me laugh out loud many times. A purse-dwelling, butt-dialing Chihuahua owned by a melodramatic mother, ghostly home repairs, quirky visiting artists--there's a lot going on in Jack and Lucy's life. Here's a quote from Lucy's Aunt Bernice who asked to visit a strip club and talk with some of the dancers. "I notice that some of you girls shave awf yaw pubic hayahs," she began. They nodded. "I suppose it's so the men can see yaw vaginers bettah?" They nodded again, wondering where this was going. "Do you find that it helps keep things coolah? It can get so muggy down theyah."   See on Amazon

Product DetailsWaiting for Paint to Dry by Lia Mack
 This debut novel blew me away. This tale of a young woman's recovery from sexual assault is sometimes bleak and painful, but overall highly entertaining, often humorous, and ultimately hopeful.  Finally breaking free of her self-imposed isolation after a decade, heroine Matty makes a life for herself filled with art and love.  See on Amazon
Product Details My Name is Hardly by Martin Crosbie
 I can't say enough good things about this book. It's not necessary to read My Temporary Life to enjoy this follow-up, but it doesn't hurt. Gerald "Hardly" McDougall is in an attic in Northern Ireland gathering intelligence for the Army with his partner. It's his last, and most dangerous, mission and will lead him down a path in search of a missing woman. I love the way Martin alternates between the past and present with skillful clarity and leaves no loose ends.  See on Amazon
Product DetailsDemon Within by Julie Nicholls, voiced by Scott Richard Ehredt
 Listening to the Audible version of this book was one of the few high spots during a spell of dreary weather in Northern Michigan. This fantasy romance epic was meant to be heard and Scott Richard Ehredt brings it to live with incredible expression and color. This was my first experience with an audio book and it was a complete winner!  See on Amazon

Product DetailsAngel to Butterfly: Golden Doll by B.B. Blaque
The Master/slave construct isn't an easy one for everyone to accept, but I believe that's probably due to ignorance of and misconceptions about the lifestyle. We're all wired differently, and vive la difference! The bottom line is--this is a love story with beautifully written D/s sex scenes. Liberty is a complex main character, suspicious and cautious of the very things she needs. See on Amazon

Product DetailsEvangeline by Elaine Barris
It takes great skill to evoke sympathy for a character guilty of numerous heinous acts of violence, but Elaine Barris pulls it off. How do you redeem a vampire like Evangeline? She's a mass murderer, taking the lives of the guilty and innocent alike. When her Maker captures her for his personal version of a trial, she's forced to recount her sins and justify her rage and bitterness. For all you  vampire lovers, this one's especially for you!  See on Amazon

Product DetailsTied by Piper Malone
 After the rush of FSOG copycats hit the shelves, I was fearful this book might be one of them. No worries, Tied has a lot more going for it. Caleb and Reagan aren't the typical brooding Dom and clinging sub--they are regular people with normal problems. Piper Malone really shines at character development, and her D/s scenes are not overwhelmingly frequent. I'm hoping to see a sequel from her soon.  See on Amazon

Product DetailsTwelve Doors to Ecstasy by John Tucker
I can't think of a better description for this book than to call it a cornucopia of kink. If you like hot erotica, here's your one-stop shop. Tryst Sanyon's been dumped by her boyfriend for being a snoozefest in the sack. Enter a mysterious man offering her a "cure" and a cool half-million to boot. All she has to do is enter 12 doors an participate in whatever sexual activity lies within.  It's all fun and games until the mystery man's true agenda is revealed. See on Amazon

Product DetailsBound by Lies by Hanna Peach
Suspenseful erotic romance at its best! Caden and Kitten, are either of them what they or who they claim to be? This novel was a Bookbub find for, and boy, was I glad I checked their email blast that day! Bound by Lies is a huge departure from Hanna Peach's Dark Angel series, but the genre is important when you can write ANYTHING this well!  See on Amazon

Product DetailsMasters at Arms/Nobody's Angel by Kallypso Masters
Three very diverse men meet while in military service and a lifelong bond is formed. Throw in their predilection for D/s, and you've got a great basis for a series. Masters at Arms introduces us to Marc, Adam, and Damian; Nobody's Angel focuses primarily on Marc and Angelina. Formerly published as two novels, Kallypso Masters is now offering them bundled and currently FREE on Amazon. I'll be working my way through this series, I have no doubt.  See on Amazon

Favorite series

Masters & Mercenaries, Lexi Blake
I've worked my way through five books of this series thus far and never been disappointed. If you're a fan of BDSM with equal doses of espionage and suspense, you'll love these novels.
The Reed Brothers, Tammy Falkner
The softer side of erotic romance, these books feature the five hot Reed brothers. It would be difficult to choose a boo boyfriend from among them. I'm not a fan of the alliterative hokey titles, but Tammy Falkner's dialogue between the brothers is fantastic. I could picture a PG13 version as a TV series.
Calendar Girl, Audrey Carlan
What a great concept--a new episode every month for a year! Mia Saunders is forced to become a high=dollar escort in order to pay off her father's gambling debt. Her services are booked by the month with romance, or at least a lot of lust, often ensuing. My favorite episode hands down was May; who wouldn't love a month in Hawaii with a hot Samoan?
Modern Wicked Fairy Tales, Selena Kitt
I LOVE fairy tales, and Selena Kitt puts a wonderful spin on them. She doesn't simply slut them up--she reinvents them in a fresh way so they're still recognizable, but original. LOVED her take on Rapunzel.


  1. Thanks so much for including my humble novel with these other spectacular writers !!!!

  2. OMG thank you Jordan!!! I'm honored to be on your list and fortunate to have met you (thank you John Tucker!)

  3. OMG thank you Jordan!!! I'm honored to be on your list and fortunate to have met you (thank you John Tucker!)