Tuesday, March 29, 2016

OTJT: Orientation, a new serial romance

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It has been a crazy few weeks and I've been writing like a madwoman, just not blog posts. I had this crazy idea about writing a contemporary, realistic BDSM romance and releasing it in serial form. Not series, serial. Four episodes, about 35K words each, and published every other month. Nuts, right?

I wasn't sure I could produce that quickly.Honestly, publishing one a month would be better, but I was positive that was out of the question. I know my poor eyes couldn't handle it. I wasn't altogether sure I could do every two months, but I figured seeing how long it would take me to write the first episode would give me an idea of whether it was feasible to even attempt.  Using the incentive of posting my daily word count on my FB author page and the tried and true technique of writing sprints with my friend, B.B. Blaque, I was able to complete On-the-Job Training: Orientation in four weeks. It CAN be done.

OTJT 1 is in the hands of four beta readers, and so far the feedback is better than I expected. Being in serial form means cliffhanger endings, and readers tend to get a little crabby when there's no HEA or HFN, but knowing the next installment will be along fairly quickly seems to soften the blow.

As I've been figuring out where in the story each episode will end, I have heard Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes from Misery chastising me to be true with my cliff hangers. "He didn't get out of the cockadodie car!" Ok, Annie, I won't cheat with the endings, I promise. You can put the ax down now.

On-the-Job Training is about a mature--40ish--couple, John Mackenzie and Laura Benson. He's an architect opening a private office in the guest cottage at his home. She's the personal assistant he hires. Their attraction to one another is instantaneous, but of course they fight it for a while. Both of them are smart enough to know workplace romances are risky. Thankfully, the eventually succumb and explore a gentle BDSM relationship.

The theme of this story is couples can--and should--feel free to choose what works for them in the bedroom (or office!!) when it comes to domination and submission. Some lifestylers will call this role playing, but come on, what's wrong with that?

On-the-Job Training: Orientation - April 7 on Amazon

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