Tuesday, April 21, 2015


On May 1, I will release Second Chances, the fourth (and most likely last) erotic romance short story I wrote to use as tools for learning about writing and publishing.  With each title, I've learned lessons that will be helpful when I finally finish one of these novels.  Although there is a wealth of information available online, I needed to experience it for myself.  Especially since much of what I've read is contradictory or doesn't translate to erotica.

Requesting reviews - I did this much earlier with this title but have yet to receive any responses.  I'm not really surprised; with so many writers seeking reviews, they are inundated with requests daily.

Promotional sites - requests made.  Once I am able to schedule free book days, many more promotion sites to be contacted.

Release event/party - For a short story, this feels like overkill to me.  Yes, I know there are authors making beer money by publishing erotic shorts weekly, but that's not the path I'm taking.  I had no expectations about sales; this was all about working my way through the learning curve.

In the Indie Author Facebook Group (a wonderful resource), we discussed release events earlier this week.  As I mentioned before, I attended a multi-author event on Facebook a few weeks ago and said that I would contact some of the writers who participated and ask if they would share their results.  Angel Payne, Audrey Carlan, and Piper Malone kindly responded.  Here are their results and recommendations:
  • Collaborate with other authors.
  • Don't do it on release day.
  • Number of fans/followers increased, added members to street team.
  • Small increase in sales attributed.
  • "Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint."
 Each author offered small giveways and there was a very nice grand prize. To see what the event looked like, here's a link- Release=apalooza
If the event wasn't immediately profitable for them, a trickle down effect could last for some time. I just bought a book by one of the authors two days ago.

Seems like a low cost promotional tool to me, but not for a short story. Another item to put on the list of potential to-do's for the novel.

NEXT POST: Launch part deux

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