Friday, May 1, 2015


The last of the short stories I planned to self-publish as part of my hands on learning experience goes live today.  With each, I have gained a better understanding of the process that will serve me well should I decide to take this route with the novel that's now in draft form.  I have tried following the guidelines in the how-to books I've read; some I will continue to embrace, some I have discarded.   For example, I cannot in good conscience price a short story at $2.99 when there are many fine novels offered for $3.99.  I have also learned there are some subjects I'm not willing to write about, even if they are trendy.  I won't be missed; plenty of other writers are filling in the gaps.

The sexual content in Second Chances is less graphic than the previous three stories, it's more sentimental and sweet, and has an out and out happy ending.  Sometimes we need that.  I've been promoting it with the tagline "No billionaires, vampires, werewolves or shapeshifters.  Just real people, real sex, real love."  Maybe that's why I feel more attached to these characters; I'm all about emotion  According to a communications style workshop I was in a few years back, my communication is 50 percent emotion, 25 percent action, and 25 percent thoughtful.  No wonder romance is my genre, huh?

Some random facts about this story:
  • The story of Adam and Jenny is based on an actual news story I heard on the radio while driving home from work decades ago.  I never forgot it.
  • Some of the stripper dialogue comes from a former dancer friend of mine who was one of the most intelligent people I've ever met.
  • The bit about the cats at the end actually happened to our cat, Buster, the fattest cat ever.
  • Claudette speaks french but I don't, so I fervently hope the online translator I used was accurate!
In celebration of release day, I'm offering a $10 Amazon gift certificate.  To be eligible, visit my Amazon author page then send me an email ( listing my four titles.  The giveaway ends midnight May 7 and I will contact the winner on Friday, May 8.  Easy peasy.

If you honor me by reading Second Chances, I would be so pleased to receive your comments and feedback.  An honest review would be welcomed; remember you can leave reviews on Amazon anonymously by simply changing your display name.  

Second Chances Amazon page

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