Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why the #lastwritten2day tweets, Jordan?

Once I open a Word document, I have no problem writing.  I have yet to experience writer's block (knock on wood) and happily type away for hours at a stretch.  What I DO have trouble with is opening that document every day.  I procrastinate, I write these blog posts, I clean the bathrooms fercrisake.  Why?  I believe I am the human embodiment of inertia.  A body writing tends to remain writing, a body not writing, eh.

I tried to stick to a goal of 1K words a day and it kept me on track until I went home to Virginia for a week to visit family.  Vacation brain set in and I didn't write a word on my novel.  When I returned home, my motivation didn't automatically kick back in.  I tried to blame it on jet lag, but not even I could buy that since I never left my own time zone.  My manuscript was gathering more dust than my furniture.

I happened to see a friend post about her struggle to embrace a healthier diet and how she was trying logging what she ate on her FB page.  She thought making herself accountable in such a public way would help.  *light bulb flickered on over my head*

What if I commit to tweeting my last line written every day  Will that make me more likely to push myself into doing it?  Yes.  So far it has, although it must be said I only started using this mind trick last week.  Although I'm not a huge Twitter user, I find I WANT to send that tweet every night.

If you'd like to join me, include the hashtag #lastwritten2day.  Give it a try; it might work for you too.

Everybody in high school had one, that teacher who thought she was imparting the wisdom of the ages but was actually diabolically crushing your spirit.  She once told me, "you couldn't give that stuff away."  Yes, I can and will.  For three days, beginning Friday, May 22, Second Chances will be free on Amazon.  Check out this feel-good story with a bona fide happy ending.  Thank you!

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