Monday, June 29, 2015

Confessions, sacrilege, and reviews

My name is Jordan and I have two confessions to make.

#1 - It has gradually become clear to me I am not an erotica writer, at least not as erotica has been defined to me.  Among the four short stories I'm releasing in the 4Play collection, only one, "Viewer Discretion Advised," qualifies as erotica  The others are erotic romance.  Is there a big difference to readers?  I think the line is pretty blurry.

#2 - I read erotica and erotic romance, but I've been known to skip through sex scenes.  You heard it here first, friends.  I know, it's shameful. On the positive side though, it means the story has a good plot and it's holding my interest.  So far, I haven't missed any plot advancement or character development.

Along those lines, here is my blasphemous statement - There is such a thing as too many sex scenes.  Somebody had to say it.  Even when it's really well written, at some point it becomes redundant.  In addition, we are cautioned, as writers, to avoid repeating significant words over and over.  Let's face it, it's not easy to keep coming up with synonyms for the acts and anatomy related to sex.  Repetition does nothing for arousal, even in straight erotica, and isn't arousal the point? 

What conclusion am I drawing here?  Don't push for a certain number of sex scenes in your writing.  If it's needed and supposed to be there, you'll know it.  I heard an author say recently,"It's time for a sex scene because I haven't had one in the last two chapters."  That sounds so contrived and formulaic to me.  Let it happen naturally as your story unfolds.   If it turns out you only have a few smutty bits in your book, don't market it as erotica.  If it's ALL "brown chicken, brown cow," maybe it's porn. JUST KIDDING.  Listen to your muse.

How about a few reviews to start the week?

Twelve Doors to Ecstasy by John Tucker - I'm typically hesitant to read an author's first foray into erotica.  I needn't have worried in this case.  Plenty of intrigue, suspense, and imagination here, along with creative sex scenes.  Plot summary:  Tryst Sanyon, dumped by her boyfriend for being a repressed prude, signs on for an experiment in sexual awakening.  Over the course of two days, she must choose and walk through 12 doors and participate in whatever sex-related activity awaits on the other side.  If successful, not only will she break through her puritanical mindset, she'll bank a cool $500,000.  Sign me up!  I can pretend to be a prude, really I can.
Twelve Doors to Ecstasy on Amazon

Bound and Freed (boxed set) by Nikki Sex - This was a Bookbub email blast find.  While the story plays out against a BDSM backdrop, there's a lot more going on than a typical Dom/sub dynamic.  Although some of the dialogue was slightly off, there were some truly lovely moments.  Plot summary  John Taylor, handsome, enigmatic and sadistic Dom, has captured the obsessive interest of submissive Kelly Flynn, who has forgotten he was part of her childhood.  The two come together when a power outage traps them in an elevator and John's demons begin to be revealed to the reader.  Warning:  This book contains references to disturbing child abuse.
Bound and Freed on Amazon

Tall, Tatted and Tempting by Tammy Falkner - I get so tired of series, does nobody write standalones anymore?  But I'm happy as hell there is more to this story. I fell in love with the Reed brothers, starting with Logan in this book.  Plot summary:  Logan Reed, hunky (omg did I just use that word) tattoo artist is deaf and lives with his four brothers.  He does not lack for bedmates but has never wanted more than sex from a woman.  He meets Emily, a secretive and homeless street musician, who won't even tell him her name.  Their romance is touching and real and one of my favorite reads this year.
Tall, Tatted and Tempting on Amazon


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