Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cover me

Today I don't have the Erotica Writer Blues, in fact, I'm pretty darn happy.  I have a beautiful new ebook cover and I DIDN'T MAKE IT!  That's right, Ms. Stubborn finally, begrudgingly accepted that the covers I made myself do not look professional.  The best thing I can say about them is they didn't cost me but about $5 to make.  Looking at them critically, I'd say I got what i paid for..

Let me back up a moment.  A fellow author recommended I bundle the four short stories I have published and re-release them as a collection.  Realizing I could be cute and call it 4Play, I decided to run with his suggestion.  Instead of merely throwing them together into one manuscript, I'm revising, revamping, and even adding content.   I want to take the lessons learned while publishing them individually and create the best versions of the four I can.  It's a do-over.  You don't often get the opportunity for a do-over in life and I'm all for taking advantage of it when it happens.

Speaking of those lessons, one I learned is there are review and promotional sites that will not even look at your work unless it has a professionally designed cover and has been professionally edited.  I still need to find an editor, but another author friend introduced me to the talented Julie Nicholls, author and cover designer extraordinaire.  I know what you're thinking.  I'm a new author and I can't afford a designer.  Yes, you can.  She is insanely affordable  And did I mention quick like a bunny?  She created this cover for me in three days, one of which was helping me find a stock image, and she charged me $20.  Considering I paid $1 for the image, bargain of the century.

i can't recommend her highly enough.  She is so upbeat, energetic, and easy to work with. Click below to see more about her work:



  1. I bet this guy who showed you the way is a handsome devil !!! Great cover and Hot Stories !!!

  2. Not only handsome, but smart and a stinkin' good writer.