Friday, October 2, 2015

It's almost party time!

One of the luckiest things I did when I first began pursuing self-publishing was to attend a multi-author Facebook event. Several of the authors I "met" that night have since become FB friends and have been exceedingly generous with their time and advice. I've learned a ton from these folks and they helped me fine an editor and a formatter. If you're a newbie, I recommend you check out a few author events. You never know who you might meet and what impact it could have on your writing career.

Beginning Tuesday, October 6 and running through October 12, the Damn, That's Hot Erotica 3 Facebook event will be going full bore and hardcore. If you're an aspiring erotica/erotic romance writer or reader, don't miss it! I caught up with host John Tucker who was kind enough to answer a few questions.

John, how many authors and bloggers are participating?
The Facebook Event -- Damn,That's Hot Erotica 3 -- will Feature 30 Erotica Authors who also have blogs, groups, and pages to their credit.  Most Erotic Genres will be Represented -- Straight / Gay / Lesbian / Menage / Paranormal / BDSM and Fetish-Related.  This is the 3rd Event Created by the Facebook Erotica-Only Group -- Erotica That Makes You Go ...... Damn and will be repeated every three months.

Hosting events like this entails a lot of work on your part. How and why did you get into doing this?
When I started writing Erotica a couple of years ago I noticed how the genre seemed to be regarded as the red-headed-stepchild in the literary business -- either being called written pornography or a branch of literature populated by sexual perverts or freaks. Honestly, the people I've met during the five events I've hosted have been amiable, kind, and thoughtful -- even when it comes to their fellow authors.

I've always liked to organize things in my life -- from job-related outings to TV nights watching specific shows -- and the always enjoyable events have helped me to keep my sanity when outside issues steer me toward a depression that seems to haunt me throughout my personal life. While my dealings with it affects me only 2-3 times a year it does cripple my writing. These events help me push through.

What will people miss out on if they don't attend?
The Damn, That's Hot Erotica event will be non-stop fun, sexy posts, and introduces readers to authors they may not know. We have debut authors, long-time writers, and ones who also deal with other genres as well as Erotica. Freebies will be given away every hour, naughty pictures will be prevalent, and snippets of carnal literature will be the norm.  If you like to read about sexual matters, or consider yourself a sexual person, you'll want to stay for every one of the 56 hours.

You're not only the event host with the most, you're an author yourself! Tell us about your body of work.
As far as my own erotic offerings, I have three to my credit.

TWELVE DOORS TO ECSTASY is a full length novel concerning a sexual innocent who aspires to broaden her carnal horizons. When she encounters a mysterious man who gives her the opportunity to do so, along with making a few bucks for her troubles, Tristina Sanyon is taken to a four story building with six differently painted doors on each level. She is to choose three rooms per floor and complete the sexual task inside. The suites range from intensive massages, group sex, fetish, BDSM, and straight sexual encounters.

As Tristina goes from room to room the mysterious man develops a crush on her and becomes determined to make her his personal sexual toy. When she finds herself in the midst of a mutiny from the man's associates, Tristina discovers she may be in more danger than she ever thought possible.

TWO DAYS TO PASSION is the sequel to Twelve Doors To Ecstasy. It follows Tristina and her new friends/associates as they start a fantasy-styled brothel in Switzerland intended for society's rich and elite. When they learn their former 'leader' is hunting them down for revenge they start to make plans to escape his wrath.  The last book in the series -- Six Suites To Sin -- will wrap up the Tristina Sanyon Saga.

VERGENE (REVENGE, TWISTED) is a standalone novel about a successful married woman with sexual skeletons in her closet, and the vengeance-bound young woman she hires to be her son's nanny.  The two women, who are similar in many respects, soon chart a collision course to where being a survivor may not be a possibility.

I have 2 WIPs. One is a Paranormal Erotic Thriller about a woman who encounters a truly haunting voyeur. The Other is a Contemporary Romance about a 'soulmate' couple who find out they might be meant for others. 

Thanks, John! I look forward to the event, not only as an attendee but also, for the first time, as an author. I can't wait to chat with everyone, have fun, talk trash, and give some books away!

So, now that we've convinced you to party with us, Friend me on Facebook, and I'll send you a personal invite!

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