Thursday, October 8, 2015

No bail will get you out of this jail

Two days of partying at Damn, That's Hot Erotica 3 are in the books, and it has been great! The authors and bloggers are unbelievably generous with the giveaways. The participation level by the attendees is high, and everyone is having a blast.

One word of warning, and I hate having to say this, but there are folks out there who get their jollies by trolling events very clearly labeled as ADULT and finding posts or pics to report. Because of it, authors must promote their erotica in PG13 ways. Let's use the Muppets for the 50 Shades movie sequel. On second thought, that could be pretty funny. Miss Piggy in a black wig as Ana, Kermit as Christian -- think about it. But I digress. What happens if a pic you post is reported? Facebook blocks you from your account for days, a week, a month. You're in Faceboook jail. Needless to say, I'll be cautious with my posts.

REMINDER: My timeslots are 6 pm on Friday and 9 pm on Monday. It is a private event, and you need an invite to attend. Friend me on FB and I'll be happy to send you one.

Xander's Garden
 I'm within shouting distance of finishing the first draft, but struggling a bit with the ending. Even though it's a futuristic fantasy, it still must tie up all the loose ends. I hate to finish a book and think, "but what about..." 

Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes:

Rose poured Xander a third cup of tea and took her accustomed seat. “She’s better, better than I thought possible after only a few days. She’ll be here today to work in your office, I’m sure of it.”
“She doesn’t have to; I hope she knows that. I don’t wish to rush her.” He looked toward the doorway as if willing Violet to appear. “I had a message delivered to Janis’ parents. Perhaps the loss of their daughter will help sway them into making a favorable decision about taking in her child.”
“You would think they would want to know their only grandchild.”
“Yes, you would. In any case, we’ll go on as we have been for the time being. At least we have a few months free of worrying about Daron. What has become of your plans for Ladies’ Night?”
“We’re going to meet about it this afternoon and get back on track. I think the activity will do Violet good.”
“Yes, it will do me good,” the girl agreed, stepping into the room. “Thank you for giving me the time I needed, but I’m ready to work.”
Xander smiled for the first time in days. “Wonderful. Happy to hear it, the children have been asking for you, and Rose has threatened my life if I've made a mess of your file organization.”
Violet, with a seriously determined look on her face, took a seat next to Rose. “I need to ask you both something, and I want an honest answer. What if I told you I’d like to become a sex provider?”
Xander’s jaw dropped, and Rose audibly gasped. “Violet, why?” she stammered.
“I want to go to University, and it’s the only way I can imagine making the money quickly enough. I know I’m inexperienced, but I can learn. And I’ve been told I’m pretty.” At that, she looked down at her feet, her cheeks pink.
“You’re beautiful, Violet. That’s not why I’m hesitant.” In truth, Xander was unsettled by his reaction to her request. Is this what a father feels when he realizes his little girl has grown up? If so, he had a new found respect for fathers everywhere. “Maybe it would be best if you talked this over with Rose. I trust her judgment on this.” Rose shot him a look that spoke volumes; she was quite aware he was dodging the issue.
“Why don’t you go grab some breakfast and some coffee, and I’ll meet you in the dining room in a few minutes?” she asked Violet. “It’s still early, and we should have the place to ourselves.”
After making sure Violet was out of earshot, she turned to Xander, daggers shooting from her dark eyes. “Thank you very much for putting the monkey on my back! You think this is a simple hiring decision? She’s not like the girls who normally come to us, and you know it.” Rose was something to see when angry. Her cheeks flushed in a lovely way as she stood before him, fists on her hips. 

“I know. I don’t think it’s right for her either, but she has a point about money for University. We all think she should go, right?”
Rose blew out a breath and sat back down.. “Yes. You haven’t heard from your parents yet, have you?”
Xander shook his head, his expression somber. “There is one other option. She’d still have to take a client, but only one.”
“Oh, my God, the Virgin Auction.”  The light bulb went off over Rose’s head. “It has been so long since we had a candidate, I had forgotten all about it. Xander, you’re a genius.” She startled him by jumping up and kissing him quickly on the cheek before flying out the door “I’ll explain it to Violet right now.”

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